Webinars & Case Studies

Ready for a Deeper Dive?

An educational series designed to help you interpret your results.

Our webinars take a closer look at benchmarking tools, making it easier for you to gather and apply the numbers. You can also read a series of BSM Case Studies with practice-specific insights from ASOA members around the country.

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Surviving to Thriving: Measuring KPIs in a Post-COVID World

This webinar reviews the role of analytics in transformation, including relevant benchmarks like revenue per patient visit, patient visits per day, and other efficiency ratios. Speakers examine the key metrics while also providing practical ideas and solutions for improving results. The session also includes an introduction to ASOAnalytics, a useful tool for providing the metrics necessary to transform practices.

ASOAnalytics: A Practical Approach to Benchmarking

This is the first webinar in a three-part series that provides an introduction to ASOAnalytics. The presenters review basic concepts of benchmarking, the ASOAnalytics website, and helpful resources. By the end of this webinar, attendees should feel empowered to use the ASOAnalytics program to succeed.

Understanding & Using Provider Productivity Benchmarkers

In this webinar, the presenters review provider productivity benchmark definitions and the early results from ASOAnalytics. After providing brief descriptions of the most commonly used provider productivity benchmarks, they provide case studies and describe how administrators use these results in practical ways to create financial analysis of opportunities and use the benchmarking results to continuously improve their practice performance.

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Using Benchmarks and Budgets to Improve Performance

This webinar walks attendees through the process of developing a revenue budget using benchmarks. It highlights the ASOAnalytics tool, Practice Revenue Budget. Listen to real case studies and see examples of building revenue by provider to more accurately predict your revenue stream.

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Enhancing Optical Operations

As Medicare continues to cut reimbursement, many have turned to other sources of income, such as optical, to continue to grow their business. How will managers evaluate this service line to make sure it is performing at its optimal level? This webinar will examine key indicators to ensure success in your optical operations. We will provide tools to measure efficiency and ideas about how to use the information to improve your optical performance.

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Do I have the right number of staff? Using benchmarks to predict staffing needs

Presenters Andrew Maller, MBA, COE and Maureen Waddle, MBA of BSM Consulting present on historic staffing benchmarks and the challenges of predicting staffing needs, common measures and benchmarks to use in creating a staffing plan and forecast staffing needs, and how to use data to justify organizational changes/staff hiring.

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Staff Compensation Plans

Learn about staff compensation philosophies and get an overview of the information needed to do a thorough compensation review, including the process for gathering salary data, job descriptions, and more. Presenters Joe Theine, MBA, COE and Elizabeth Holloway, COE, CPSS, PHR, discuss how to analyze practice benefits, review the roll-out of a new plan, and cover ways to communicate changes in benefits to employees.

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Diagnosing the Health of your Revenue Cycle Management Functions

Speakers Matthew Chapman, MHA, COE, OCS of Key Whitman Eye Center and Andrew Maller, MBA, COE of BSM Consulting outline the most important key performance indicators used to diagnose common issues that can result in delayed payment from insurance and patients. Plus get an overview of the ASOAnalytics Revenue Cycle Management and Staff Productivity Surveys to learn how to use industry benchmarks to set goals for billing collection performance.

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Operating Efficiency

ASOA hosts BSM Consulting’s Maureen Waddle for a webinar designed to help administrators examine and improve operating efficiency. Improving efficiency in practices is mandatory as reimbursement stays flat and expenses increase. This webinar focuses on financial efficiency and the use of benchmarks to help understand financial performance.

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Developing Individual Provider Plans

Everyone likes to know about expectations and to set goals, including our physicians. In this webinar, BSM Senior Consultant Maureen Waddle, shares the steps in engaging physicians in developing their own plans and introduces two tools available on ASOAnalytics to share benchmarks with providers to help them set personal goals.

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Methods for Motivating Staff

In today’s competitive job markets, ophthalmic leaders must have a thoughtful, intentional approach to attracting and retaining employees. However, administrators can find it challenging to find the right combination of culture, pay, benefits, and perks that will entice and reward staff. In this webinar – Methods for Motivating Staff – BSM Senior Consultant, Elizabeth Monroe outlines a variety of benefit and team building options that practices can use to inspire their teams. Elizabeth also shares several datapoints from ASOAnalytics, providing feedback on how practices are crafting their benefits packages.

Adding a New Physician

Using benchmarks to build a feasibility analysis, learn how one administrator influenced the partners to move forward in recruiting a glaucoma specialist.
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Assessing Inter-doctor Productivity

The exercise of comparing provider productivity for each specialty within the practice and to the ASOAnalytics database, helped an administrator gain buy-in to implement real operational changes and improve efficiency.

My Doctors Think We Have Too Many Staff

Using multiple staffing benchmarks available in ASOAnalytics, this administrator was able to provide objective data for owner consideration. With recommendations based on the data, the practice was able to implement a plan for staffing changes

Establishing a Wage Scale

When a new administrator joined a practice with inconsistency in wages, she turned to the ASOAnalytics compensation surveys to better understand the practice’s current situation and make recommendations for changes.

Setting Expectations for an Optometrist

When faced with an annual review for an optometrist, this administrator explains how ASOAnalytics helped set goals for the year ahead.

Using Revenue Cycle Management Metrics

Monitoring the accounts receivable to improve performance for your practice.