Putting Your Numbers to Work

Quick and easy tutorials to get you started.

Our brief tutorials offer guidelines for navigating the website and effectively filling out surveys.
Browse below for an introduction, along with useful definitions and tips for interpretation.

ASOAnalytics Navigation

Watch to discover the common features of the ASOAnalytics website and learn how to keep your account up to date, add users, and complete surveys.

Demographics Survey Definitions and Reporting

This tutorial will ensure you compare your practice to similar practices by helping you understand common terminology used in the demographic survey and formats used throughout the ASOAnalytics application, including which definitions may be slightly different in ASOAnalytics than in your practice.

Provider Productivity Survey Definitions

Before completing the provider productivity survey, watch this video for guidance on preparing the right reports to complete the survey.

Provider Productivity Reports Overview

Learn the different reporting formats and how to interpret the benchmarking information by watching this brief overview about the ASOAnalytics provider productivity reports.

Staff Compensation Survey Tutorial

A quick walk through of this demo on the staff compensation survey shows users how to enter data for any of the ASOAnalytics staff compensation surveys. View sample reports and learn how to apply filters to the results by marketplace type, number of providers, or base/effective rate of pay.

Staff Productivity Survey Tutorial

Learn which pre-requisite surveys and new data are required and take a walk through completing the staff productivity survey. See an example of how individual benchmarking surveys build upon each other.

Operating Efficiency

Learn how the Operating Efficiency Survey can help you capture key operating efficiency ratios, such as staff expense ratio and operating overhead ratio.

Revenue Cycle Management

View this tutorial to see how the Revenue Cycle Management survey can help you monitor your billing and collections activities.