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This section is designed to help you to maximize this benchmarking application. Courses, podcasts, articles and various tools are available to help you apply the ASOAnalytics results to improve efficiency and identify areas of opportunity for your specific practice.

ASOAnalytics Tutorials

The video tutorials below provide general instructions for navigating the website, as well as key definitions for completing each survey. You'll also find guidance on interpreting the report results.


Watch to discover the common features of the ASOAnalytics website and learn how to keep your account up to date, add users, and complete surveys.

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Definitions and Reporting

This tutorial will ensure you compare your practice to similar practices by helping you understand common terminology used in the demographic survey and formats used throughout the ASOAnalytics application, including which definitions may be slightly different in ASOAnalytics than in your practice.

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Survey Definitions

Before completing the provider productivity survey, watch this video for guidance on preparing the right reports to complete the survey.

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Reports Overview

Learn the different reporting formats and how to interpret the benchmarking information by watching this brief overview about the ASOAnalytics provider productivity reports.

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Staff Productivity
Survey Tutorial

Learn which pre-requisite surveys and new data are required and take a walk through completing the Staff Productivity Benchmarking Survey. See an example of how individual benchmarking surveys build upon each other.

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Staff Compensation
Survey Tutorial

A quick walk through of this demo on the staff compensation survey shows users how to enter data for any of the ASOAnalytics staff compensation surveys. View sample reports and learn how to apply filters to the results by marketplace type, number of providers, or base/effective rate of pay.

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Operating Efficiency

Learn how the Operating Efficiency Survey can help you capture key operating efficiency ratios, such as staff expense ratio and operating overhead ratio.

Revenue Cycle Management

View this tutorial to see how the Revenue Cycle Management survey can help you monitor your billing and collections activities.

Webinars & Case Studies

Understanding & Using Provider Productivity Benchmarks

In this webinar, the presenters review provider productivity benchmark definitions and the early results from ASOAnalytics. After providing brief descriptions of the most commonly used provider productivity benchmarks, they provide case studies and describe how administrators use these results in practical ways to create financial analysis of opportunities and use the benchmarking results to continuously improve their practice performance.

Do I Have the Right Number of Staff?: Using Benchmarks to Predict Staffing Needs

Presenters Andrew Maller, MBA, COE and Maureen Waddle, MBA of BSM Consulting present on historic staffing benchmarks and the challenges of predicting staffing needs, common measures and benchmarks to use in creating a staffing plan and forecast staffing needs, and how to use data to justify organizational changes/staff hiring.

Staff Compensation Plans

Learn about staff compensation philosophies and get an overview of the information needed to do a thorough compensation review, including the process for gathering salary data, job descriptions, and more. Presenters Joe Theine, MBA, COE and Elizabeth Holloway, COE, CPSS, PHR, discuss how to analyze practice benefits, review the roll-out of a new plan, and cover ways to communicate changes in benefits to employees.

Diagnosing the Health of Your Revenue Cycle Management Functions

Speakers Matthew Chapman, MHA, COE, OCS of Key Whitman Eye Center and Andrew Maller, MBA, COE of BSM Consulting outline the most important key performance indicators used to diagnose common issues that can result in delayed payment from insurance and patients. Plus get an overview of the ASOAnalytics Revenue Cycle Management and Staff Productivity Surveys to learn how to use industry benchmarks to set goals for billing collection performance.


ASOA hosts BSM Consulting’s Maureen Waddle for a webinar designed to help administrators examine and improve operating efficiency. Improving efficiency in practices is mandatory as reimbursement stays flat and expenses increase. This webinar focuses on financial efficiency and the use of benchmarks to help understand financial performance.

Developing Individual Provider Plans Based on Benchmarks

Everyone likes to know about expectations and to set goals, including our physicians. In this webinar, BSM Senior Consultant Maureen Waddle, shares the steps in engaging physicians in developing their own plans and introduces two tools available on ASOAnalytics to share benchmarks with providers to help them set personal goals.

Read success stories from administrators about using benchmarks from ASOAnalytics to identify opportunities for improvement. For more details and review of benchmarking results, subscribers can access case studies. In these real-practice case studies, follow the steps of fellow administrators to influence decision-making as well implement plans for effective changes.

Success Stories
Case Studies
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Debbie Davis, Practice Administrator, Atwal Eye Care
How Benchmarks Helped Identify An Opportunity For The practice’s Oculoplastic Surgeon

hayley boling circle

David Miller, Practice Administrator, Shreveport Eye Specialists
Optical Oversight Is Improved With Use Of Benchmarking Data

hayley boling circle

Patti Barkey, Practice Administrator, Bowden Eye and Associates
One Benchmark Leads Patti And Her Team To Explore More Information And Create A Plan To Improve Staffing Efficiency

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Kristine Culler, Practice Administrator, Ludwick Eye Center
Reducing Time For Patient Visits

hayley boling circle

Michelle Mele, Practice Administrator, San Luis Obispo Eye Associates
Overall Operating Expense And Productivity Concerns

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Jana Gilbert, Practice Administrator, Chico Eye Center
Avoiding Staff Burnout While Maintaining High Productivity

  • Adding a New Physician

    Using benchmarks to build a feasibility analysis, learn how one administrator influenced the partners to move forward in recruiting a glaucoma specialist.

  • Assessing Inter-doctor Productivity

    The exercise of comparing provider productivity for each specialty within the practice and to the ASOAnalytics database, helped an administrator gain buy-in to implement real operational changes and improve efficiency.

  • My Doctors Think We Have Too Many Staff

    Using multiple staffing benchmarks available in ASOAnalytics, this administrator was able to provide objective data for owner consideration. With recommendations based on the data, the practice was able to implement a plan for staffing changes.

  • Establishing a Wage Scale

    When a new administrator joined a practice with inconsistency in wages, she turned to the ASOAnalytics compensation surveys to better understand the practice’s current situation and make recommendations for changes.

  • Setting Expectations for an Optometrist

    When faced with an annual review for an optometrist, this administrator explains how ASOAnalytics helped set goals for the year ahead.

  • Using Revenue Cycle Management Metrics

    Monitoring the accounts receivable to improve performance for your practice.

Tools & Resources

Developed in conjunction with administrators, this section contains downloadable spreadsheet tools with instructions. Each tool is designed to enhance the user experience with benchmarking through ASOAnalytics. Additional resources for ASOAnalytics can also be found on this page.


  • Provider Tracking

    For aligning “provider 1” for year over year data entry and enabling coordination between Provider Productivity and Provider Compensation surveys. Because ASOAnalytics guarantees confidentiality, we do not capture provider names. This tool will help you keep the names assigned to the providers for ease of tracking and data entry.

  • Individual Provider Benchmarks

    Use the instructions in this tool to help you download ASOAnalytics results into an Excel spreadsheet and compare individual providers in your practice against benchmarks.

  • Individual Doctor Business Plan

    This questionnaire provides individual benchmarks to help doctors develop their annual business plan.


FAQ – download this PDF to get answers to the frequently asked questions.
EMR/PM Software Resource List – A contact list of ASOAnalytics users who have volunteered to help their peers identify the reports/filters to use in their EMR/PM software to obtain information for survey completion.

Survey Instructions


EyeTalks Radio periodically presents topics related to benchmarking.

Business Decisions

Andrew Maller, MBA, COE and Maureen Waddle, MBA of BSM Consulting, two recognized benchmarking experts in the field of ophthalmology, discuss the top three benchmarks that can help administrators assess the health of their practice and offer tips for using benchmarks for sound business decisions.


Host Joe Theine, Practice Administrator at Four Corners Eye, interviews Andrew Maller, MBA, COE and Maureen Waddle, MBA of BSM Consulting, two recognized experts in the field of ophthalmology to discuss ASOAnalytics as a gamechanger for benchmarking your practice with a true apples-to-apples comparison.

This library of articles allows better understanding of benchmarking and how to use benchmarking for financial analysis and identification of operational improvements.

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