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Arm yourself with benchmarking tools and resources

Here you’ll find the tools and resources that we’ve created to help practices make the most of benchmarking
information, from customizable Excel workbooks to a comprehensive list of survey instructions.

Provider Tracking

For aligning “provider 1” for year over year data entry and enabling coordination between Provider Productivity and Provider Compensation surveys. Because ASOAnalytics guarantees confidentiality, we do not capture provider names. This tool will help you keep the names assigned to the providers for ease of tracking and data entry.

Individual Provider Benchmarks

Use the instructions in this tool to help you download ASOAnalytics results into an Excel spreadsheet and compare individual providers in your practice against benchmarks.

Individual Doctor Business Plan

This questionnaire provides individual benchmarks to help doctors develop their annual business plan.

Practice Revenue Budget

This spreadsheet tool allows you to build a practice revenue budget by using the benchmarks you've already captured in your provider productivity surveys.

Comprehensive Instructions for Operations Surveys

Do you want to gather the information and then complete your surveys one after the other? This tool provides the definitions and suggested resources for gathering information for the operations surveys.

Practice Demographics

Provider Productivity

Surgical Productivity

Staff Productivity

Revenue Cycle Management

Operating Efficiency

Optical Operations

Provider Compensation

Clinical Staff Compensation

Patient Services, Administration, and Surgery Scheduling Staff Compensation

Revenue Cycle Management Staff Compensation

Optical Department Staff Compensation