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Understand more about the nuances of benchmarking as you read and hear about using information in daily decision making.

Q&A: Optical Operations

Maureen Waddle, MBA and David Miller, MHA, COE, COA discuss ideas to enhance optical operations in an ophthalmology practice, such as discussing the different characteristics of opticals vs. medical practices, suggestions for key performance indicators and how to set sales prices, glasses capture rate, and more.

A New Benchmarking Tool

Host Joe Theine, Practice Administrator at Four Corners Eye, interviews Andrew Maller, MBA, COE and Maureen Waddle, MBA of BSM Consulting, two recognized experts in the field of ophthalmology to discuss ASOAnalytics as a game changer for benchmarking your practice with a true apples-to-apples comparison.

Benchmarking for Better Business Decisions

Andrew Maller, MBA, COE and Maureen Waddle, MBA of BSM Consulting, two recognized benchmarking experts in the field of ophthalmology, discuss the top three benchmarks that can help subscribers assess the health of their practice and offer tips for using benchmarks for sound business decisions.

A New Benchmark – Your “Ophthalmic Resource Utilization Score”

Introduces a new benchmark to augment standard benchmarks
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Benchmarking Retina Practices

Retina subspecialty practices have benchmarks specific to their subspecialty
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Break Even Analysis: A Critical Component In Final Decision Making

Case study demonstrating use of benchmarks to analyze feasibility of adding providers, equipment, and locations
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Dashboard Reports Make A Picture Worth A 1,000 Words

Departmental scorecards and practice reporting help monitor progress and using benchmarks helps create goals.
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Information Advantage: Using Data To Improve Your Practice

Experts provide examples of data-driven decisions
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It’s All In The Numbers: How Administrators Can Improve Their Practices Financial Well-Being

Different uses of key performance indicators and benchmarks to improve performance
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Keeping Your Finger On The Pulse Of The Practice

An overview of the benefits and positive impacts of benchmarking with ASOAnalytics.
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Salary Inflation – New Associates Now Cost More

Experts weigh in on the impact of rising compensation for new associates
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Tackling Technician Productivity

Steps in analyzing clinic flow issues
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Using Benchmarking To Be A Better Manager

Understanding benchmarking basics
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Benchmarking For Ophthalmology Practices

An overview of benchmarking with basic formulas and common benchmarks.
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Benchmarking: A Tool To Enhance Optical Profitability

Managers will appreciate this article about benchmarking the optical department.
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Case Study: Using Benchmarking Data To Facilitate Performance Improvement

This article gives an example of how to use benchmarking information.
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Benchmarking: Can The Numbers Lead You Astray?

This case study demonstrates the importance of collecting the right information and comparing apples to apples.
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EMR/PM Software Resource List

A contact list of ASOAnalytics users who have volunteered to help their peers identify the reports/filters to use in their EMR/PM software to obtain information for survey completion.