ASOAnalytics Features

A Clearer Vision for Your Practice

Comprehensive analytics focused on the ophthalmic practice

ASOAnalytics is a sophisticated data benchmarking tool available to members of the American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators (ASOA) and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) offering tools and educational resources that help you better understand and manage the business side of your practice.

Through ASOAnalytics, subscribers can:

  • Understand current performance
  • Draw comparisons with similar practices
  • Discover opportunities for improvement
  • Make positive changes to the bottom line

Accessible Analytics Everyone Can Use

Easy to access, easy to use, and easy to understand

Our platform was specifically built to make reliable practice data accessible and actionable for administrators, despite their busy schedules. Built using a series of surveys that gather real-time data from practices around the country, ASOAnalytics allows you to record your own metrics and compare them year over year internally and side by side with other practices.


Easy to Fill Out

Our surveys are easy to understand, accompanied by user-friendly instructions,
and can be completed in under an hour.

ASOAnalytics Features
Gather specified data before the survey to finish it quicker.
ASOAnalytics Features
Color-coded fields auto-populate, streamlining your data entry process.
ASOAnalytics features
Additional instructions along the way provide definitions and clarity.
ASOAnalytics Features
Double-check auto-filled data from previous surveys to save you time and eliminate redundancies in data entry.


Reports Ready to Present

Once completed, graphs will appear showing your practice data compared to the benchmarks of other practices.

ASOAnalytics features

Beautifully-designed charts for your next presentation.

ASOAnalytics features

Download and print reports at any time to use in your next presentation.

ASOAnalytics features

Tips guide you to better interpret results.


Actionable Training

Along with access to valuable numbers, ASOAnalytics subscribers get full access to the ASOAnalytics Resource Center full of professional training that helps you turn those numbers into real change in your practice.

ASOAnalytics features
Training with instruction from industry leaders correlate with specific surveys to walk you through the process and possibilities.
ASOAnalytics features
Case studies that outline how real practices have used ASOAnalytics benchmarks to understand or improve their practice operations.
ASOAnalytics features
Tutorials walk you through what you'll need to gather and how to complete surveys.
ASOAnalytics survey

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The first two surveys are free for ASOA and ASCRS members.
There’s nothing stopping you. Get the information you need to make better business decisions!

* A practice account (including demographics and provider productivity surveys and results) is FREE to US domestic practices with an ASOA professional or ASCRS physician member.
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12 Surveys for a Comprehensive Vision

Complete each short survey one at a time or all at once to build a complete practice profile.
ASOAnalytics features

Operating Efficiency and Productivity Surveys

These surveys give subscribers the ability to identify opportunities for improvement in staffing and profitability. Understand the true cost and return of all your providers, as compared with others within the same specialty.


The first step in comparative data, the Practice Demographics survey provides a baseline that will help with all additional surveys and reports.

Provider and Surgical

How do your providers compare to others in their specialty? Understand what reasonable expectations are and what benchmarks you should see.


Do you have the right number of staff members? Analyze your workforce based on performance, hours, and office visits.

Cycle Management

How long does it take for your practice to collect on a charge? Learn how to better understand your revenue cycle management.


All ophthalmic practices have overhead costs, but are yours more or less than others that have the same patient volume?


Compare the productivity and efficiency ratios of your optical department with practices of similar backgrounds and sizes.

ASOAnalytics features


Our compensation surveys grant you access to comprehensive data for more than 65 job titles, allowing you to retain the best staff and maintain profitability.


ASOAnalytics provides the only provider compensation and benefits survey data within the ophthalmology sector. Make sure you’re offering competitive pay for providers in different specialties.

Staff Compensation

Set compensation strategy to recruit and retain qualified clinical staff and compare your benefits package to other ophthalmology practices.

Patient Services, Administration,
and Surgery Scheduling Staff Compensation

Compare your staff to others with similar background and experience to evaluate opportunities for better hiring and retention.

Revenue Cycle Management
Staff Compensation

Wages for your RCM staff are impacted by experience, as well as certification. Are you paying appropriately?

Optical Department
Staff Compensation

Learn more about how to effectively incentivize sales and service from your optical staff.