WHY ASOAnalytics?

ASOAnalytics empowers practice administrators to make informed business decisions while elevating ophthalmology practice management as a profession. Through a series of short surveys, ASOAnalytics guides you through the benchmarking process and offers educational opportunities to understand how to interpret practice data.

ASOAnalytics is a one-of-a-kind online platform that helps subscribers:
  1. Identify what to benchmark
  2. Understand current practice performance
  3. Compare performance to similar practices
  4. Discover strengths and opportunities for improvement
  5. Use findings to make positive changes to the bottom lime

ASOAnalytics is a game changer—it's easy to access, easy to use, easy to understand!

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The first two surveys are free to US domestic ASOA professional members and ASCRS practicing physician members. An affordable $250 annual subscription provides practices access to all other surveys and reports, printable graphs and tables for presentation, educational offerings, and tips on using results.

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“All of us in health care and ophthalmology practice are forced to do more with less—with ASOAnalytics, you’ll have access to the essential comparative data necessary to maximize your efficiencies and make informed business decisions.”

Hayley Boling, MBA, Chief Executive Officer
Boling Vision Center, LLC

“ASOAnalytics makes it easy for our practice to benchmark on key performance indicators and helps us make better business decisions.”

Joe Theine, MBA, COE
, Practice Administrator, 

Four Corners Eye Clinic, P.C.

“In an ever-changing ophthalmic industry, access to data that shows our productivity, efficiency, and breadth of practice is invaluable. Everyone needs data to back up their decisions and ASOAnalytics provides it. “

Dr. Brett Katzen, MD, FACS
Katzen Eye Group

“I love that ASOAnalytics gives me real-time, validated information to compare my providers to others in similar practices and powerful tables and graphs to share with providers. It helps me make informed decisions.”

Janna Mullaney, COE, OCS, OSC, Chief Operating Officer
Katzen Eye Group