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How much revenue can a new doctor be expected to produce in a year?

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Are we offering competitive pay?

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We know that you are busy. Our surveys are quick and easy to complete. Once you finish a survey, we’ll store your data so that you can compare performance from one year to the next.


Compare your practice.

Once you submit a survey, you have access to database results. Sort options allow you to compare to similar practices. Best of all, our objective data from across the country is always updating as more data is added. And with year-over-year trend graphs you can easily monitor practice performance.


Improve your bottom line.

To help put the data to work we provide instruction and tools. Browse a full library of webinar courses, podcasts, and articles.

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The Best Way to Evaluate Your Practice

A robust suite of analytics tools specific to your practice.
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Efficiency & Productivity Surveys

  • Measure key performance indicators to identify opportunities.
  • Use objective data to create revenue goals, project staffing, improve profitability, and more.
  • Gain a competitive advantage in your pursuit of excellence.
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Compensation Surveys

  • Get access to salary/wage data for more than 65  job titles; including benefits data.
  • Align practice compensation to benchmarks by job title, certifications, and years of experience.
  • The only ophthalmology provider compensation and benefits survey in the industry.
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  • Compare your data to practice standards to see where you stand.
  • Visual charts and graphs instantly communicate essential information.
  • Use reports for presentations or download into a spreadsheet.
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Compare your practice performance year over year to set goals and see trends.

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  • A full suite of instructional content empowers you to use the data.
  • Courses from authoritative leaders guide you in important decision-making.
  • Download tools for customized analysis.
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Let data drive your decision-making for optimum growth.

Ever feel like each big move for your business is a leap of faith? There’s another way. With important benchmarks at your fingertips, you can stop relying on gut decisions and start trusting objective numbers. From daily staffing decisions to big strategic initiatives, our data shines a light on a better path for your practice.

Staff recruitment and retention
  • Establish market compensation standards
  • Identify and retain top talent
  • Higher retention and lower turnover
  • Scale with confidence
A better-functioning practice
  • Improve operating efficiency
  • Measure against key performance indicators
  • Monitor productivity by department
Better goal-setting
  • Monitor service lines
  • Set achievable goals
  • Monitor progress year over year
More money in your pocket
  • Improve profit margins
  • Grow your business

Success by the Numbers

See how other practices have leveraged data to accelerate their growth.

Hundreds of practices around the country are fueling their growth with ASOAnalytics’ data. See how they’re turning their practice metrics into practice success.


In an ever-changing ophthalmic industry, access to data that shows our productivity, efficiency, and breadth of practice is invaluable. Everyone needs data to back up their decisions and ASOAnalytics provides it.

Dr. Brett Katzen

MD, FACS Katzen Eye Group


All of us in health care and ophthalmology practice are forced to do more with less—with ASOAnalytics, you’ll have access to the essential comparative data necessary to maximize your efficiencies and make informed business decisions.

Hayley Boling

MBA, Chief Executive Officer Boling Vision Center, LLC


I love that ASOAnalytics gives me real-time, validated information to compare my providers to others in similar practices and powerful tables and graphs to share with providers. It helps me make informed decisions.

Janna Mullaney

COE, OCS, OSC Chief Operating Officer Katzen Eye Group

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A Proven Track Record of Practice Analytics Success

Our leadership team brings years of high-level analytics experience directly to you.
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What makes ASOAnalytics such a powerful practice tool? It’s backed by the most authoritative names in the business. This platform represents a collaboration between the American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators and BSM Consulting, who help hundreds of practices around the country improve their performance every day. Our united vision is to make it easy for individual practices to harness the power of data analytics in their own business practices.

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